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First of All

the beginning of the speech

 In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Greetings to the 12th Shiite Imam Hazrat Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance) and all friends and followers of this great savior of humanity. May God bless the soul of those who have fallen martyr on the right path.
This site which revolves around the features of a great, devoutly Muslim figure is aimed at dispensing advice to mankind at large, Muslims and non-Muslims, Iranians and non-Iranians.
At a time when many people are in pursuit of power and affluence; at a time when many have turned their back on humanity and are bracing for war and bloodshed, a few people emerge and describe the world as an "ugly hag". They spend their entire life preparing for the journey to the afterworld; they sound a note of warning to others.
Among such individuals who - out of humility - did not let others make his great features public during his lifetime was the late Haj Mirza Abolfazl Senobari (May God bless his soul). He advised his friends and relatives against publicizing his features even after his death.
His humility and purity reminded us of his great teacher and gnostic figure Sheikh Rajabali Khayyat. We heard the late Haj Mirza Abolfazl Senobari quote Sheikh Rajabali Khayyat as saying: " These folks will know me years after my death." That prediction came true. Today almost all Muslims have gone through his great books such as: "The Statue of Purity", "The Alchemy of Compassion", "The Memoirs of the Sheikh", etc. Of course the humility of these great figures was a divine duty in their eyes. However we feel duty-bound to publicize their words, deeds and behavior in order for others to draw a lesson. The magnificence of the Almighty and the Prophet Mohammad's household may revolutionize the course of action many have adopted and put them on the right track. We say so in the belief that only God will put you on the right path.
It is our hope this first step on a journey of a thousand miles will be able to secure the satisfaction of our visitors. We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions at our e-mail address:
This website introduces the late Haj Mirza Abolfazl Senobari (May God bless his soul). He was a student of Sheikh Rajabali Khayyat (May God bless his soul). This site is being developed by the day. It is our hope it will someday offer most of the speeches he has held to help you savor the pleasant sense associated with supplication to God and compassion to the household of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon them). Going through the words of a godly figure is surely both impressive and relaxing.
This site appears in three languages, namely Farsi, English and Arabic.

we thanks of the old child of the late senobari (Mr. Bagher Senobari) whom helped us in provision of history life. and we thanks of Mr. Mojtaba Bagheri & Mr. mAli Senobari for providing of some part of the late senobarie`s portraits. and we thanks of Mr. Mostafa Mohammadi for translating of all Farsi text to Arabic and English.

It is our hope you enjoyed your visit to our website.
God bless you all.