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Peace Upon You O! Fatimatazzahra the Daughter of Mohammed

Select of Testament

in the name of Allah the compassionate the merciful

and today is Tuesday twenty seventh of shahrivar month of 1380[18sep2001].thank god I'm writing in good health and existing of wisdom in myself. and I am writing my last will.

at first; by all my existence I declare that the God is one and I say "I believe all divine prophets especially the last of them the holy prophet Mohammad it he son of Abdullah and I believe of friendship of 12 imams peace be upon of them and I confirm by bottom of my heart appearance of 12th Mahdi peace be upon him .and I hope to be live at the presence of him and I devote myself to him God willing. and in the next year and the after the world's of death what the holy prophet has said is right and I believe them. and I hope the God by this beliefs which he granted to me; invite me toward himself .and I will be returned by authorities God willing.

and I authenticate and accepted the holy qur'an (Koran); all of it. has been sentry by God and purity heat of prophet. without any flaws. and this Koran by now is near the Moslems and by the next world what cause the happiness of humans briefly and sometimes perfectly sometimes certainly and sometimes not certainly is correct .and I believe if sensual people had let by order of God the prophet's family governed the Moslems` situation wasn't like this condition which they are in it. what amity it didn't happend.God willing the 12th imam appear will be performed by imam Mahdi.

and I right some points for my children and relatives and all the people who see this points:

pay attention the most important thing is attention of human to God. and his orders. be careful no time of their life don't neglect of the God's member. and certainly they must know always they are in presence of God. all the creature one the made of God and God don't forget them. be careful don't do the sin. and remember in the next world you to were judged. and read the sura zelzal (convulsion) very much.

and I remind some important points :

First:pray,pray the God very much. what is an intermediate between the God and us is pray. the worship is the brain of prayers. by any language remember the God, of course the authorities prays is more important than others .and pay attention to meanings of them.

second: worship the God on time and pay attention to its. and be careful read the pray by feeling presence of God.

third: be kind and happy with people especially whit your wife and children and neighbors. don't negligent to visit your family, because your life will be short. all days what is possible for you help people of course poor people. and avoid of bad behavior. and feel presence of God when you start talking and behave with people. and.... .